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Third Wheeling Eggplant Boys

The Eggplant Boys spin a good yarn and make a tasty sandwich.

Seymore and Charlie admit the truth behind their title is a little murky. But don’t let their salacious imagery fool you. These two are wholesome, and humble, and probably some of the kindest people I have ever met. 

That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of ribbing between the two – when we sit down together we start by making fun of Seymore’s recent obsession with golf. But what truly brings these boys together is kai.

We talk about the way kai brings us closer to each other – closer to our friends, our whanau, and our wider community. Charlie tells us about the way his cooking brings him closer to his late mother. We talk about the way it allows us to have proper, difficult conversations with each other – especially with “the boys”.

We explore secret recipes, all-time favourites, and the kai moana of yet-to-be-released footage. I couldn’t Third Wheel this episode without salivating, and I reckon you’ll be doing the same!

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