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Audio Production Made Accessible

Our third and smallest studio is an insulated music production space. Fully equipped with vocal mics, guitars & MIDI, our resident producer and sound engineer Ariki runs a service to build a song from scratch to a final master.

Whether you are in need of vocal recording, full song tracking/production or mixing and mastering, it can all be achieved at an industry standard quality for an affordable price.

Vocal Production + -

This package is designed to bridge the gap between song idea, to a final ready to stream/broadcast result. This is ideal for those who want a step up in quality from bedroom recordings, or someone seeking to develop their sound.


It includes:

  • Half Day of Studio time
  • Vocal Tracking and Comping.
  • Vocal Processing and Effects.
  • Mix and Master Included.
  • Access to Stems and Session files, as well as a Final Master.

Full Production + -

Is your band or project looking to turn your demos into album ready tracks? This package is for anyone needing a full service solution to live instrument recording and mixing.


It includes:

  • In-house engineer to see the project through.
  • Access to a range of backline for recording.
  • Overall song development, including arrangement and production.
  • Access to all stems and project files, as well as the final master.

Live Room (Dry Hire) + -

If you are a producer looking to add live drums to your project, this service gives you everything you need. It includes help with set up and supervision from our on-site engineer, so you don’t need to be a pro to get what you need.


It includes:

  • Access to in-house backline
  • Range of microphones and recording equipment
  • In-house engineer to assist with setup and mic placement
  • Stems and project file provided after session

Booth (Dry Hire) + -

Need to add the final touches to your project? This is a small treated space for vocal tracking and mixdowns.


It includes:

  • Fully treated room with studio monitors ready to record.
  • Range of dynamic and condensor microphones for vocals.
  • 61-key Midi Keyboard and Push
  • Guitar and Bass DI.
  • Supervisor on hand if required.

Price List_

Vocal Production

Half Day of Vocal Tracking

Vocal Comping and Processing

Access to Stems and Session files

Mixing and Mastering Included

Full Production

Half Day of Drum Recording

Full Day of Instrument and Vocal Tracking

Access to Stems and Session files

Mixing and Mastering Included

Live Room (Dry Hire)

Half Day (4 Hours)

Access to all Recording Equipment and Backline

Studio Supervisor on Hand

Stems Provided at End of Session

Booth (Dry Hire)

Per Hour

Treated Room for Recording and Mixing

Microphones and MIDI Devices Included

Supervisor on Hand if Required

*Additional information upon enquiry

The best multi-service studio you can find in Auckland

- Danny Do -

Recording with Ariki is such good vibes always! He’s always suggesting ideas + down to trying new things when you’re feeling stuck with a project. His presence makes Poynton a safe space to be/explore/express yourself. Overall Ariki is just v cool human in general 🙂 Ten thousand stars

- Zohuiii -

Thanks as always for being so quick and easy, and for providing plenty of options!! Really appreciate it!!

- Imugi -

Working here with Ariki on music is such a great time. The vibe is always so chill & comfortable, we’re constantly looking forward to our next session!

- Aiden Wisnewski -

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