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Third Wheeling Yölk

Gwen and Alyssa are counting their chickens before they hatch.

They created Yölk as a space to incubate local pan-asian talent – to act as the nutrients from which our emerging artists can feel safe to grow.

Gwen is a moving-image superstar, and Alyssa is immersed in graphic design. But, like a lot of Gen Z creatives, they are multi-talented and work across mediums. Not just because they have to, but because they can. 

We talk about the importance of finding spaces that share your creative kaupapa, and the amazing work of groups like PASC. We delve into family traditions, the joys of podcasting, and our favourite way to eat an egg. 

They tell me about Yölkfest and all the joys of happy little accidents. These two are resilient and colourful, and exactly what the arts community in Tamaki Makaurau needs right now.

This week I’m a cuckoo egg (shout out to my bird-nerds). Listen in while I Third Wheel the future of Auckland’s creativity. 

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