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Hahko Meets Paddy Hill

On the couch this week is Paddy Hill of Roundhead Studios!

Paddy is a young southern lad that made it all the way out of Timaru into the hot seat of Neil Finn owned Roundhead Studios, while also working closely with bands like Mild Orange and Soaked Oats.

In this episode we talk about the drive a bad music teacher can give you, hear how Paddy arrived at Roundhead, talk about his work with the Dunedin wave and discuss his favourite bits of gear.

Peppered throughout with the entertaining banter of a man who knows how to tell a good story, this was a real joy to record and I hope you enjoy listening.

Thanks to Poynton Studios for making the podcast happen, Benji for producing, Silas for the BTS and Paddy for his time.

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