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Third Wheeling Auckland Zinefest

If you know, you know.

Auckland Zinefest is the collective effort of zine enthusiasts, but running the ship for the past two years are Camila and Catalina – sisters who love to make. 

We talk about how Catalina’s BTS fangirling got her her first job, how Camila used to leave home-made literature around the house for her family to find, and how covid threatened the communal nature of zine culture. 

We talk about the democratic nature of zines – anyone can make them! But Catalina also suggests that it’s the niche, underserved audiences that make zines really special. I complain that Auckland’s zine scene is too exclusive. She argues that’s because they’re not made for everyone. 

These sisters are here to remind you: Auckland zine market is tomorrow and Sunday from 11am – 4pm. Come support local talent!!

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