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Hahko Meets DARTZ

On the podcast today I have Clark & Danz of the Silver Scroll nominated band DARTZ from Wellington, New Zealand.

I caught the boys ahead of their Deep Dive appearance a few weekends ago, an opportunity I could not afford to let slip, but now seems like an age ago.

Since then the boys have released ‘Pray For Prey’, accompanied by their amazing, Brian Tamaki inspired music video, as well as receiving a Silver Scrolls nomination for their drug safety anthem ‘BATHSALTS’. Can’t beat Wellington on a good day.

I’m grateful they made the time to sit down because they are a fascinating group. In my opinion they are one of the best artistic groups at promoting, marketing and understanding the internet culture we live in and that’s really no accident. Behind the scenes is a lot of work, as many “band meetings as band practices” they tell me, and that is totally in line with how I think bands should operate if they are serious about doing this music thing full-time in our capitalist society.

As you can imagine, the yarns are immense. We hear the full ‘BATHSALTS’ cover art story from Clark, discuss past schemes and the shift in their strategy as they transition from plucky upstarts into national icons. In many ways, it was a conversation with a band in transition, pressing go on something big and speaking frankly about the thoughts and feelings that come on that precipice.

Thanks to Poynton Studios for making the podcast exist, Silas for the BTS, Benji for producing and hosting, and DARTZ for their time!

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