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Hahko Meets Wiri Donna

On this week’s podcast we have Wiri Donna

Wiri Donna is a band / moniker of Bianca Bailey, who I first saw perform at Smokefree Rockquest years ago before enlisting her then duo ‘Oh Boy!’ to open for Two Cartoons at our first Lowtide gig – full circle!

I remember talking to Bianca that night about her plans after high school, and it seems to me everything she dreamed of has now come true. Bianca is a staple of the Wellington music scene, playing in not only her own band but also SOG, Lilith and working on festivals like Cupa Dupa and Welcome To Nowhere. 

I caught up with Bianca before her Auckland show with Dunedin’s Dale Kerrigan, and we had a well overdue chat about life, creativity, art and the music industry. 

Thank you to Poynton Studios for making the podcast possible, Benji for producing and BTS, and Bianca for her time + Eyegum for bringing her to Auckland.

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