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Third Wheeling Storyo

How can we bring down the patriarchy, one story at a time?

Partners Elina and Steven asked themselves this question when they started Storyo, a platform that tells the stories of women and gender-diverse folks. 

Elina is loud and boisterous. She doesn’t shy away from difficult topics and taking risks. She is passionate about flipping the script on how we talk about success. Steven’s own quiet self-reflection led him to the same conclusion. 

We talk about the meaning of “success” and how the word itself is loaded with masculine connotations. We ponder the ethics of a white cis-man being a leader on this kind of project, and how important it is to listen. 

On some tangents, we hear about their introvert-extrovert dynamic, their work-life balance, and how their relationship started with naked strangers in their beds. 

Tune in this week as I Third Wheel along with this inspirational power couple, and pick up some ideas of my own along the way.

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