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Hahko Meets Dera Meelan & Deaforest

On the podcast this week are Dera Meelan & Deadforest.

They released one of my favorite songs of the year together with the bouncy ‘No Phones’, a slice of UK Dizzy Rascal flavour, and I’ve been listening to it non-stop. I was already incredibly impressed with Dera ever since having been on the podcast earlier in the year, and was curious to see where he was at, while also getting a view into the YKK collective through the eyes of his collaborator and longtime friend Deadforest.

We had a really great conversation, centered around the point in their career the boys find themselves in and all the things that help, and hinder, their continued progress on that journey. We talk about the lack of media space given to such a talented pool of artists in the NZ Hip / Hop community, the importance of focus and professionalism, the pitfalls to avoid in building a successful collective and the best takeouts in the Grey Lynn / Ponsonby area of Auckland.

This is a good episode for those wanting an inside look into the work that goes into building a successful unit like YKK, as well as artists wanting an honest picture of the rewards and challenges of breaking out of the grassroots and into the next part of your career.

Thanks to Poynton for making the podcast happen, to Benji for producing, Silas & Ariki for the BTS, and to both Dera and Deadforest for their time and insights.

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