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Hahko Meets Alexa Casino

On the podcast this week is Alexa Casino!

My first interaction with Alexa was through the 2020 edition of the Two Daze project I organised, where she produced a beautiful ambient electronic piece in only 48 hours. Since then I had only seen her one other time, at the drinks to celebrate the compilation.

Recording this podcast I found out the reason why was insane hours at an insanely cool job, working at Neil Finn’s Roundhead recording studio, where Alexa has become a self-confessed ‘gear-nerd’ and developed an ear for production that is hard to gain on your own.

We had a laid-back, leftfield chat about the recording industry, mixing and production, the importance of panning what it’s like to sing for the Finn Family Band.

Thanks to Poynton Studios for making the podcast happen, Silas for the BTS and edit, Benji for producing and to Alexa for their time.

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