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Third Wheeling Dan Larkin & Tristan Simpson

Do you know what it means to “skite”? I never thought a Brit would teach me a kiwi word, but here we are.

These two work in post-production. Dan is a sound designer and Tristan is an online editor. They feigned nerves before they got on the mics, but the truth is they loved the opportunity to skite for an hour. 

They are true geeks of the trade. We talk about the way sound has endless potential in film where images fall short. Dan admits he would work from home if he could. Tristan finally reveals what his job really is. 

Film is an industry you need resilience for. Both of them spent years working in Soho, London before realising life’s too short to not be near the beach. Tristan tells us about his snap decision to move down under. Dan says NZ was his second choice. 

I feel like I took a big back seat today. These two volley like they’re brothers. So I’ll take my rightful place as Third Wheel, and let you enjoy their accents with minimal interruptions. 

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